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Curriculum plans for this term

In planning how the nursery is resourced, organised and structured we use the seven areas of learning shown below in the diagram.

Each area has a number of Early Learning Goals which we aim to support children to meet by the end of their reception year.

The prime areas of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication and Physical Development feed into the other specific areas of the curriculum.

Look at our curriculum plan for Summer 2018 mapped against the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage below. You can also download the document at the bottom of this page.

Key People assess the children’s development each term using the EYFS Framework, and there are regular opportunities to discuss their child’s progress and ‘next steps’: please see the 'Talk to us' section in this link.

Medium Term Plans

Summer Term 1

April 16th – May 25th 2018

Topic: Traditional tales

Physical Development

“I can…” (Practising climbing/ball games etc.)

“I can…” (Hold a pencil etc.)

Keeping healthy-healthy eating/exercise, etc.

Holding a pencil appropriately to draw or make marks.

Observational drawings

Naming the parts – body/plant/insect

Keeping healthy

Healthy eating

Dressing up bears  


Communication and Language


Talk about how to make porridge-recipe cards


Baking bread-Talk about what happens when the dry and wet ingredients are mixed together


Talk about what happens to the dough when the yeast is added to it

Interest tables -seeds/bulbs/fruit talk about and explore

Naming the characters in the story

Introduce new flavours to the porridge.  Children to talk about their likes/dislikes.

Talking about how we feel.  Use Tales Toolkit



Looking at information books about animals e.g. bears, goats and wolves-

Where do they live? What do they eat?

Re-telling  familiar stories

Parents/carers-story sessions

Make own books of ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ story

Making posters about looking after ourselves and not talking to strangers.

Goldilocks to write a letter to say sorry to the bears 


Mathematical Development


Sorting  objects by size-big, medium and small

Measuring how tall we are. 

Who is the tallest/shortest?

Making bowls of porridge-heavy/light

Nursery songs-Five little goats…

Five bears went for a walk one day…

Baking bear biscuits

Sorting/weighing  compare bears

Looking at animal prints e.g. bear prints

What patterns/shapes can we see?



Understanding the world

Use IPads/IWB to look at and talk about recycling and looking after our environment

Continue with planting  runner beans in the front garden

Continue with science experiments

Trip to Brooks Farm to visit the animals

Caring for living things – plants, animals and


Seasonal changes

Using litter pickers to clear rubbish in our outdoor area

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Keeping myself safe

Sharing/turn taking

Understand and follow the nursery rules

Looking after our friends


Core Books

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Goldilocks and the three bears

Little Red Riding Hood

Expressive Art and Design

Set up a role-play area - The bears’ house in the loft area and in the playhouse outdoors

Continue with exploring natural textures

Continue with collages using natural materials/bark rubbings

Observational drawings of daffodils/tulips-looking at their heights tall/short





The Three Little Bears Rap